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CageChain is an information and education technology firm specializing in blockchain research.  Our mission is to assist in bringing blockchain to the masses by reducing the learning curve associated with this revolutionary technology, thereby quickening the adoption process.
If you are an organization or individual seeking to improve your understanding this technology or would like to know how it can be leveraged to benefit your business or your family’s well-being contact us and an associate will reach out to you in short order.



Joseph is focused on building strong relationships with a solid background in finance and investments.  Born and raised in San Francisco, he attended Clark Atlanta University in Georgia where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business administration with a concentration in Marketing and an MBA from California State University, Eastbay.

After completing his undergraduate studies, Joseph began a career in securities where he served in multiple roles beginning as an apprentice, becoming a fully registered investment advisor, then transitioning to an equities trader with a discount brokerage firm. Along the way, he cemented a proven track record of producing a robust book of business for the institutions he worked for and creating value for his client’s portfolios.

Joseph employs soft skills to break down barriers of communication that lead to the establishment of meetings with key individuals and organizations to articulate his clients’ needs and objectives.  He works tirelessly to keep those who add the greatest value engaged throughout the process leading to new and interesting opportunities.


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